HP-Socket v5.6.2 正式版发布

v5.6.2 更新:

> win常规更新:
2、修复 v5.6.1 版本中 SSL 组件对 Windows XP 系统不兼容的问题

1、HP-Socket v5.6.2 完全兼容 HP-Socket v5.6.1 版本,可以直接替换升级


v5.6.2 Update:

> Regular Upadate
1. Code optimization to improve stability.

v5.6.1 Update:

> SSL Update
1. All SSL components add the following interface methods to support loading memory certificates:
1) Server: SetupSSLContextByMemory(), AddSSLContextByMemory()
2) Agent : SetupSSLContextByMemory()
3) Client: SetupSSLContextByMemory()
2. All SSL components add GetSSLSessionInfo() method to obtain information about SSL session.
3. SSL Server component provides a default SNI server domain name binding mechanism. In most cases, the application does not need to customize SNI callback function.
1) The default server domain name binding mechanism is enabled when the ‘fnServerNameCallback’ parameter value of SetupSSLContext() is nullptr.
2) BindSSLServerName() : Bind the server domain name to a specified certificate.
3) HP_SSL_DefaultServerNameCallback() : Default SNI callback function.

> HTTP Update
1. The SendWSMessage() method of HTTP Server component delete ‘lpszMask’ parameter.
2. The ‘pData’ parameter type of the SendWSMessage() method for all HTTP components is changed to ‘const BYTE*’, so constants can be passed in.
3. All HTTP components add SendChunkData() method to send chunked data conveniently.

> UDP Update
1. Optimize the UDP Cast component of Linux platform so that it behaves in accordance with the UDP Cast component of Windows platform.
2. Enhance IPv6 compatibility of all UDP components.
3. Automatically send a “close notification” datagram to the peer when the UDP Client/Server component is closing.

> Other Update
1. jemalloc upgrade to version 5.2.1
2. openssl upgrade to version 1.1.1d.
3. Code optimization to improve stability