HP-Socket v5.7.1 API 更新列表:
# ======================================== #
SYS_SSO_ReuseAddress (修改:参数类型改为 En_HP_ReuseAddressPolicy)
SYS_SSO_RecvTimeOut (增加)
SYS_SSO_SendTimeOut (增加)
SYS_SwapEndian16 (增加)
SYS_SwapEndian32 (增加)
SYS_IsLittleEndian (增加)

enum En_HP_CastMode (修改:增加枚举值 CM_UNICAST)
Create_HP_UdpNode (增加)
Create_HP_UdpNodeListener (增加)
Destroy_HP_UdpNode (增加)
Destroy_HP_UdpNodeListener (增加)
HP_Set_FN_UdpNode_OnPrepareListen (增加)
HP_Set_FN_UdpNode_OnSend (增加)
HP_Set_FN_UdpNode_OnReceive (增加)
HP_Set_FN_UdpNode_OnError (增加)
HP_Set_FN_UdpNode_OnShutdown (增加)
HP_UdpNode_* (增加)

HP_UdpArqServer_SetFastLimit (增加)
HP_UdpArqServer_GetFastLimit (增加)
HP_UdpArqClient_SetFastLimit (增加)
HP_UdpArqClient_GetFastLimit (增加)

Linux :

v5.7.1 Update:

> UDP Update
1. Add new component: UDP Nod:
1) UDP Node has no concept of “connection”, and can send and receive data with any address.
2) UDP Node supports three execution modes: unicast, multicast, and broadcast.
3) Add UDP Node component example demo ‘hp-testecho-udp-node’.

> Other Update
1. All communication components added the method ‘SetReuseAddressPolicy()’ to support setting the address reuse policy.
2. Fix crash of HTTP component due to jemalloc bug.
3. Extensive API updates, code refactoring and optimization.